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The Gallery ZURAG Berlin is closed. Because I want to paint.
ZURAG Gallery  

ZURAG Gallery, founded in 2010 by OTGO art is located in the middle of Berlin, one of the world’s most vibrant art capitals. It is the first gallery founded and operated by a Mongol outside of Mongolia.

ZURAG Gallery’s location spreads over two floors, each with 15 x 7 meters large rooms, marble floors, natural stone walls and a courtyard. It was founded by Berlin-based artist OTGO art. Having completed his education in both Mongolia and Germany, Ershuu has been working as a freelance artist since 1998 and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.
Ershuu’s main focus in the upcoming exhibitions at ZURAG gallery is the interaction of different generations of artists through the spatial combination of very different projects.

ZURAG Gallery’s solo and group exhibitions bring OTGO art's own work into dialogue with both emerging and established artists of Mongolian and international origin. The exhibitions include a wide range of artistic media: painting, drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, printmaking, music, literature, video and installation, and performance.

ZURAG Gallery strives to work closely with other galleries, cultural institutions and curators.

ZURAG Gallery’s mandate is to present a multi-facetted picture of Mongolian culture through artistic projects. This is done to bring in wider attention to the subject and deliberately influence the international perception of Mongolia and its art. Much information on the subject of Mongolian art and culture has yet to be discovered by a wider audience.

ZURAG Gallery will facilitate events in addition to its exhibitions, such as: artistic workshops, video and film screenings, artist talks, lectures, readings, music, dance, courses, yoga, meditation and concerts.

ZURAG Gallery is open to interesting ideas and proposals. Artists who want to realize an exhibition with us can apply via email to email (Applications should include a concrete project proposal, a current artist’s CV and work documentation)

ZURAG Gallery’s space will at times also be available to host external events. More information can be requested via email at email

ZURAG is a Mongolian word. It can mean image, painting, drawing, photography and illustration.


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---- Нэгэн цагт дэлхийг туурайн төвөргөөнөөр цочируулж Монгол гэдэг нэрийг ертөнцийн чихнээ мөнхөд хоногшуулж чадсан Монгол хүмүүс одоо оюуны урлагаараа ахин довтлон гарч ирэх болтугай!
ZURAG is a Mongolian word. It can mean image, painting, drawing, photography and illustration.

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